Lambing Kit Check List

February 17, 2022

✅Soap – fairy liquid

✅Disinfectant – savlon or pevidine scrub

✅Lubricant – lubrel or lambing gel

✅Disinfectant for pens and sprayer – eg virkon, jeyes, FAM

✅Sterile syringes – 60ml, 20ml,10 ml and 2 ml

✅Hypodermic needles of sizes for the ewe (cream) and the lamb (green)

✅Antibiotics – ask your vet

✅Navel disinfectant – iodine solution

✅Calcium borogluconate injection – in case of calcium deficiency

✅Glucose injection

✅Dopram drops

✅Lambing ropes and lamb snare

✅Lamb stomach tube and feeding syringe

✅Castration/tail docking rings and applicator

✅Coloured marker sprays – for marking ewes and lambs

✅Teats for feeding orphan lambs

✅Ewe restrainer


✅Clean towels or cloths

✅Clean bucket for warm water

✅Heat lamp, fan heater


🍼Colostrum and milk replacer should also be available. The colostrum can be from ewe, frozen in 200 ml units, or dried colostrum can be purchased in ready to use sachets