Equine Health Plan

January 5, 2022

Flett and Carmichael Vets are very excited to introduce our new equine health plan. Available for all horses and ponies.
Save money and spread the cost with affordable monthly payments FOR ONLY £11.50 PER HORSE PER MONTH

Joining is easy, either call us on 01856 872859 or email us on info@flettandcarmichael.co.uk

Please include your horses details, your address and a valid contact number. We will then get in touch with you and set up your equine plan.

What our equine health plan includes:

  • A dental with sedation if required
  • Annual booster vaccinations (flu and tetanus)
  • Annual health checks (at booster and/or dental)
  • Automatic membership to our equine worming plan which includes 3 worm egg counts per year and 10% off wormers
  • 10% off all our own brand equine supplements

    What's NOT included:
  • Visits
  • Emergency appointment
  • additional medication

Please see our equine health plan terms and conditions below