Services/Small Animal/Puppy Socialisation

Puppies have a short window of opportunity where they learn to accept new things much more easily. This closes gradually until around 16 weeks of age they start to be more suspicious and fearful. New experiences, different people and other animals tend to be tolerated and enjoyed better before this time ends.

Our puppy socialisation classes are a free, fun, informal meeting with members of the nursing team in the surgery environment for a block of 4 weeks, for an hour each Tuesday evening.  Pups will be invited after their first vaccination.  This allows owners to meet with some of the team and gain experiences from other puppy owners and obtain useful information, which may be missed within other visits. The puppies are often a little cautious to start but soon start to have a fun time with lots of treats, cuddles and controlled play. We see our dogs who have attended puppy class are less anxious and are pleased to come to the surgery ever after, helping with any procedures needed and making any less pleasant times more accepted.

You will be given a socialisation progress chart and a link to Sounds Scary sound therapy, parasite information, poisons and obstructions advice, dental care demo and advice, top to toe daily care demo, neutering advice, insurance information, and if available a kennel and behind the scenes tour.

Puppy obedience and socialisation training classes are then a good progression to consider, for which we can give you local contact information.

Please note that during COVID-19 our classes aren't currently running, however, please see our Facebook video.