RCVS Accredited Core Standards (Farm Animal) Practice

As a team we work together to provide an excellent service in the following areas:

Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis/ Fertility Checks:

With a modern, state of the art ultrasound scanner that has a headset allowing vets greater mobility when on farm, we can tell the age, health, size and number of foetuses, and when no pregnancy has been detected, we can investigate why.

Routine Procedures:

Dehorning, castrations, disbudding and foot trimming.

Calving, lambing, examination and treatment of sick or injured livestock.

Bull and Ram Fertility Testing:

Fertility testing including semen collection can be carried out on farm or with smaller animals, can be done at the surgery.

Blood Testing:

Sheep Flock Scheme testing (EAE, Maedi-Visna and Scrapie)

Health Plans:

We provide bespoke health herd health plans, tailored to your herd/flock. Compliant with HiHealth, the Red Tractor Standard, and farm assurance.

Exports of Sheep and Cattle:

We have vets qualified and experienced in livestock exports.

Our vets are  Official Veterinarians (OVs) and carry out work on behalf of DEFRA including:

Tuberculin testing, anthrax investigations and brucella abortion investigations.


We have a large animal area at the surgery suitable for performing a variety of procedures. These include but are not limited to: Ram semen testing, sheep caesareans, ram vasectomies, post mortems, dripping calves & small operations, as well as post mortem examinations.

We utilise our in house laboratory where blood samples are processed and worm and fluke checks are performed providing a fast, efficient service.

Product Exports

Orkney is the home to many great food products which are enjoyed around the world. Our Vet Kate holds a DEFRA Product Export license which enables her to certify food products for export.

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Farm Images