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Sadly times come when our animals are reaching the end of their natural life due to old age or disease.

We understand that you will want your beloved family member to be as comfortable as possible until the end, but not to prolong their suffering beyond the point where they have a good quality of life.

We are lucky that we have the option of euthanasia for our animals to allow them to have a peaceful end of life and prevent further suffering.

We understand you may want to be with your animal right up to the end or you may want to leave them in our care to ensure they are cared for and peaceful. We always want to do this in the way we would want our own animals to be treated.

We have different options to allow the best thing for each individual. We are happy to come to your home so that they can pass away in their own place, or to arrange a quiet time at the surgery.

Sometimes a sedative may be administered first to relax your animal, then a final injection of an overdose of a barbiturate anaesthetic is given, sometimes through a catheter placed in a vein beforehand.

During Covid-19 we have been making special arrangements allowing social distancing to be observed but ensuring you can still be with and hold and reassure your pet during their last moments.

You can take your animal home for burial or we can arrange for them to be taken to and cremated at Oback Pet Cremations in Burray or the vet lab in Caithness, with the option of individual cremation and return of ashes available if you want to have them home with you again.

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