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Our purpose built premises offer hospitalisation facilities for all animals - kennels for dogs, cats and small animals, a calf or sheep pen and a large loose box.

We have a wide range of diagnostic equipment on site including digital x-ray machine, ultrasound scanner, blood biochemistry analyser and endoscope. Our operating theatre has facilities for dentistry, diathermy, a pulse oximeter, a blood pressure monitor and a heart monitor, and we routinely use sevoflurane gas anaesthesia.

With our new premises we have reached the standards required to be a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice.

Flett & Carmichael - Veterinary Surgeons - Orkney, Scotland

Food and animal care products

We stock a range of good quality foods and animal care products, including James Wellbeloved, Hills and Royal Canin foods, Kong dog toys and the very popular Whimzees dog chews. Please ask if you require any item we do not stock and we will be happy to order it for you.


Where possible we ask clients to telephone the surgery before coming in for medicines or repeat prescriptions as these must be authorised by a vet. We are required to see animals under our care regularly to be allowed to prescribe for them. If your animal has not been seen for a long time you may be asked to arrange a check up.

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppy socialisation classes are an ideal opportunity for socialising your puppy and introducing it to the veterinary staff and the building which should hopefully reduce any anxiety towards other dogs and other people and trips to the vet should be hassle free. It also gives an opportunity for you to get to know your veterinary practice and feel comfortable with us.

Puppies may come to the classes once they have had their second vaccination and before they are approx. 18 weeks old.

Puppies come to the class for four consecutive weeks and a different subject is discussed every week including micro-chipping, de-flea and de-worm treatments, insurance and neutering. Puppies are also exposed to different sounds, smells, toys and there is also an adult dog there to help introduce them to other sizes and breeds of dogs. Puppies and owners play games together, get to explore the practice and socialise with each other and generally have a fun time. Puppies are also weighed each week which may also help in the future if they ever need weighed again in the practice. At the end of their four weeks, puppies are given a certificate of their acheivement.

For photos from some of our classes click here.

When You Get a New Puppy or Kitten

If you get a new puppy or kitten we will supply you with a pack containing vouchers, information leaflets and some freebies and food samples. This will be given to you when you come for your pets first appointment.

We are also able to offer you 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan as well as a free wormer from Milbemax.