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Do you have beautiful and funny pictures of your pets, animals in general or lovely farms that deserve to be in the limelight? Well here's your chance to show them off!

This year we will be holding a Calendar competition with all proceeds going between the two charities Hounds for Heroes & SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and your photo could be featured in it!

How to enter? Its simple, send us a photo either via Facebook, e mail (flettcarmichael@btconnect.com) or post before the 31st of August. On the 1st of September we will release all the photos on Facebook and the 12 most liked photos at the end of September will appear in the 2018 calendar which will be on sale from the 1st November - just in time for Christmas! 

So find the photographer within you and get snapping!

Good luck! 


Repeat Prescriptions

It can be very busy at reception so please can you give us at least 24 hours notice when you require a repeat prescription for your animal. We always try to fill your prescription when asked without notice, however there are times when we are busy so you may have to wait or come back later. Also at times there is no vet on the premises to authorise the issuing of medication.

We are here to ensure you have happy and healthy pets!

Thank you.

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Keeping vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits up-to-date is a very important part of pet ownership.

A number of dangerous diseases can still affect dogs, cats and rabbits in the UK.

Vaccination is an inexpensive way to give your pet the best chance possible to avoid some of these potentially fatal diseases.

When your pet comes for a vaccination they are also given a full health check and the vet can discuss any worries you have about your pet’s health.

For more information on vaccinations or any aspect of pet health, please call the surgery to speak to member of our team on 01856 872859.

Hotter Weather

A reminder to take care when leaving pets in hot cars as even when the weather doesn’t seem that warm, cars can become VERY warm if the sun is on them and a dog left in a hot car can be fatal.

Also when pets are spending time outdoors in the summer, please ensure that shade and fresh cool drinking water are available at all times.

Contact Us

Telephone: 01856 872859                             Email: flettcarmichael@btconnect.com (non urgent only please)



We have had a few queries regarding our out of hours service, so here is what to expect when you have an emergency:

Our normal phone number will give you the number for our answering service, so if you call when the office is closed, please have a pen and paper handy to write down the number.

The answering service deals with a number of veterinary practices although they will know when you phone that you are a client of Flett & Carmichael.

When you phone they may be busy on other calls. Please hold the line if asked. We know this is hard if you have an emergency but if you put the phone down and try again, you will go back to the end of the queue. It may seem like you are having to wait for a while but usually it will not be longer than a few minutes.

When speaking to the operator, please speak clearly so they can get your correct details to give to the vet. If possible, give them more than one contact number in case the vet cannot get through to you.

Once you have spoken to the operator they will pass your details to the vet, who will call you back ASAP and discuss the problem or arrange to see your animal.

Thank you for your patience.

Grass Cuttings

We have had a few clients mention to us that members of the public are putting their grass cuttings into horses fields. As much as you may think you are being caring to the horse, it can in fact cause colic and laminitis.

So please refrain from putting your grass cuttings into fields where horses are being kept.

Thank you

June is National Microchipping Month! This means that every dog and cat without a microchip already, is entitled to have a microchip implanted at a discounted rate of only £18.69!

It only takes a short time to place a microchip so you can stay with your pet whilst its being done.

Dogs and cats are regularly handed in to vets practices and animal shelters all over the UK who have gotten lost. If these animals have a microchip and the details are up to date it means the owner can be tracked quickly and the pet can be returned safely. If they dont it may mean lengthy stays in kennels and they may never find their owners again.

Microchips are a one off expense and once your details are registered with PetLog (our microchipping database) you pay a one off fee of £15 to upgrade to PetLog Premium if you ever want to change their details and you may then amend them as many times as you like.

Please call the surgery on 01856 872859 to book an appointment.